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Wavy Case Study

Working with Envu so far has been extremely beneficial for Wavy. Apart from knowing all of the fundamentals of what makes a D2C brand tick, the team continues to go above and beyond and creatively help us scale our paid socials and newsletter flows.

Ariel Booker - Co-Founder

Partnered with us since September 2023

Year-on-Year Growth

+323% Revenue

3.1x NC-ROAS

5:1 LTV to CAC ratio

About the brand

Launched by 2 brothers, Ariel Booker (Can O Water Co-Founder) and Eyal Booker (Love Island, Model), Wavy came to life in June 2023 with a mission to help curly haired people embrace their natural texture.

In just 12 months, the brand has established itself as the leader in this category thanks to a very loyal community, Eyal's online notoriety and a truly great product.


Their challenge

After a very successful launch backed by Eyal's loyal community, it quickly became clear that Facebook ads would add more stability to their revenue and overall, boost their growth.

With limited resources to run their paid ads, Wavy came to us to take care of their paid ads and email flows.
Media buying, performance creative designs, landing pages build + general website support and email flows, we established ourselves as a real growth partner.

Our solution

Since we lacked historical data, our primary focus during the first 30 days was to conduct extensive testing to determine what resonates most with their audience.

Analysing early customer reviews was also very beneficial in order to market the brand the right way. By continuously testing hooks and angles, using their customers' words and language, we managed to perfect our messaging to target customers' pain points.

With a wide range of static ads, UGCs, founder ads, and whitelisted content, we helped Wavy reach a 7-figure run rate while maintaining a 3:1 (First order to nCAC ratio), 5:1 (12-month LTV to nCAC ratio) and remain profitable.

The results

Revenue YoY
12-month LTV to nCAC

Our approach to Paid Social

Market Research
Awareness, Sophistication, Demographics, Psychographics, Competitors.

If relevant to your business, we'll craft an offer that financially makes sense to your business and attract the right kind of customers.

Content creation
Ensuring creative diversity with native or more branded content across static and video ads.

We're always targeting our brands' audiences pain points to maximise interest and purchases.

Post-Click experience
What happens post ad-click is as important as the ad creative. We're always ensuring what happens after the click is relevant and user-friendly.  

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