Get to know us and what we stand for.

We get it.
We're entrepreneurs too.

Unlike other agencies, our business model is tailored in a way that prioritises your growth.

Working with us won't feel like a third party agency but an extension of your in-house team with streamlined systems and processes to ensure a seamless experience.

We're experts and we stay on top of everything.

We will actively conduct a comprehensive market research by understanding what your competitors are up to and what your audience's deep desires are.

We'll then produce relevant and scalable content that makes everything tick.
From the first ad impression, to the post purchase emails, your customers will love buying from you.

We're transparent and great communicators.

Trust and honesty are part of our core values.

We are dedicated to maintaining transparency in our performance and will always ensure prompt action and availability for our brands.

The team.

envu team member - kevin sussat - founder



envu team member - zac ellis - email marketing executive


Email Marketing Executive

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Junior Graphic Designer

envu - partners and consultants

consultants and partners

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A note from our founder.

When building Envu Media, it all started with one idea:

If I had my own DTC brand, what should the agency that I’d partner with look like?

Starting with care. Will they genuinely value my brand?

Communication. How will they effectively communicate with me?

Knowledge. Are they experts in their field?

Systems. How streamlined are their systems?

Speed. How quick can they start and how fast will they usually turn around?

The above are part of our core values and we put in the work everyday to bring a personalised and high quality service for our brands.

If you chose to work with us, you won't hire a "task checker" agency. We'll go above and beyond for your growth.

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Kevin Sussat